Station Square with Central Bus Station Kaiserslautern


1st prize in competition 1998

A heterogeneous and neglected area in front of the main station with poor functionality and urban quality has been trans-formed by an overall architectural concept into a neatly arranged urban space with a central bus station and bike parking. City and regional buses, taxis and private cars, bicycles and pedestrians are clearly conducted to their respective target points. The stops of all means of transportation are protected by large roofs made ​​of steel and point-fixed glass. In the center of the area, an open plaza serves for orientation and interaction and invites the pedestrians to linger. The strict geometry of the urban arrangemant and the rigid design concept for all pavements, equipment and roofs give the new station square a strong conciseness and identity.

Client Stadt Kaiserslautern // Competition Uta Haffner, Marilia Camargo // Project Management Christian Vogel // Team Sabine Panis // Underground Engineering and Construction Management Arcadis Consult GmbH, Kaiserslautern // Project Controlling Arcadis Homola AG, Frankfurt // Photographer Drei Architekten, Christian Vogel // Aerial Photograph Manfred Czerwinski

Master plan 25,000 square meter
Glas roofs 2,800 square meter
Open plaza 2,400 square meter