Dining Hall for a School Campus Erbach


1st prize in the overall competition 1992
1st prize in a competitive design-study 2004

Building Award 2007 Chamber of Architects BW

Completing our former master plan of the school campus, the dining hall was designed as a square pavilion on top of a lower floor integrated in the slope of the hill. Building setbacks mark the entrances. The upper level contains the 144-seat dining room, a kitchen, an internet cafe and some auxiliary rooms. A multi-purpose room, a computer classroom and an office are located on the lower level. A central skylight illuminates the back of the dining room and the inner lobby. Concrete and timber structures are left visible, the façades are clad with horizontal wooden slats. For the café, the material concept has been reversed:concrete on the outside, wooden panels inside. Narrow ventilation windows structure the large glass surfaces. All materials show their natural colors as much as possible, while the plastered surfaces, doors and radiators were painted in striking contrast in light green color.

Client Stadt Erbach // Project Management and Construction Management Sabine Mössner // Landscape Architecture Prof. Arno S. Schmit + Manfred Rauh, Landschaftsarchitekten, Neu-Ulm // Photographer Wolf-Dieter Gericke

GFA 810 square meter
GBV 3,656 cubic meter