Site plan

Floor plan level 1

Aquarium Batumi, Georgia - 2nd prize


International Design Competition

Association ATU, Georgia

Aquarium experts
GROUPE COUTANT, La Rochelle, France

Currently, the salt water aquarium of the City of Batumi is located in a classicist building which does not meet the requirements of a public and scientific aquarium anymore. In addition, the building does not have s shark tank as main attraction. Therefore, the existing building should be renovated and expanded, or an entirely new building should be planned. In the neighborhood of the existing aquarium, both an open space between the dunes and the coastal road and a small lake can be chosen for the placement of a new building. The lake is already surrounded by a zoo, a recently erected dolphinarium,
a rental place for pedal boats and a recreational area.

GFA 3.008 sqm
GBV 15.307 cbm
Shark tank 1.280 cbm

Design Concept
A three-story building was developed on an oval footprint, which is divided in half by the shark tank in the center. An escalator leads up from the entrance lobby to the first exhibition area with its smaller and bigger tanks. Passing the big window to the shark tank, the visitors reach the second theme space and continues via escalator to the third exhibition
space. From here, the visitors pass right through the glass tunnel of the shark tank to get back to the entrance lobby.
A restaurant with views across the dunes to the Black Sea, a conference room and secondary rooms were placed on the top floor. The building “swims” in the lake and can be only accessed from the shore by a bridge. The form of the building may remind the visitors of an ark, bringing together precious inhabitants of the oceans. For functional reasons, the building has almost no windows, and it is enveloped by a skin of printed glass panes. This makes it appear in unreal transparency during daytime and as glowing jewel in the reflecting lake at night.