Site plan

Floor plan level 1

Village Center and Multipurpose Hall - Award


Idea and Design Competition

Landscape Architecture: Jetter Landschaftsarchitekten

Community of Gaertringen

Subject of the competition is a concept for a new multipurpose hall, for the landscaping of the outdoor facilities of the hall, and for the urban redevelopment of the city hall area

GFA 5,150 sqm
GBV 21,880 cbm

Extract from the Jury Report
"By positioning the multipurpose hall in the north, an adequate fore court is formed in front of the entrance... The proposal of
a new city hall as a direct architectural counterpart of the same width is acknowledged... The situation and the access of the clubrooms is accurate and spacially attractive, even if the circulation area on the first floor is partly too small. The hallways for the athletes and the functionality of the sports operation have been solved very well. The proportions of the building and the disposition of the facade are done very well... The compact and clear form of the building with a small gross volume speaks for a good efficiency…"