Site plan

Floor plan level 1

Floor plan level 2

Elevation plan
Section plan

Urban Neighborhood Development - Award


Design Competition

Landscape Architecture: Jetter Landschaftsarchitektur, Stuttgart

City of Loerrach

Multi-functional sports hall with rooms for club and community use, market, residential facility with 45 to 50 residential units, development concept for the competition area, realignment and design of open space for recreation

Sports hall 750 sqm
Supermarket 1,200 sqm
Residential units 4,500 sqm
School expansion 360 sqm

Extract from the Jury’s Report
"The space program is organized in two compact building struc-tures. The northern building with the supermarket on the ground floor stays away from the street and forms a front court that is easy to organize and to landscape. The entrances to the market and the residential units are placed here self-evidently... The layout of the market with its strong longitudinal alignment should be checked, but this is quite possible in the proposed outline. The apartments are accessible via well-lit stair-ways located along the facade, the floor plans are attractive and economical... Overall, all functions are properly oriented to the outside spaces. Apart from the passage between the building structures, the facades on ground floor are well diversified, and the entrances are easy to find. The modest height of the buildings is pleasant and easily integrates them into the context. The facades are simple, attractive and of a consistent design. With the mentioned, curable points of criticism, the project promises a cost-effective implementation."